You want your sermons online.

Clean It Up

We will take your weekly sermon audio and “clean it up”.  We’ll take out as many of the pops, clicks and coughs as possible.

Multiple Formats

We’ll convert the audio into whatever format you need for your website, podcast or MP3 player.


Broadcast Ready

We can create introductions and endings for radio broadcast and produce your sermons for on-air use.

Posting & Hosting

We can even post your audio online and host it on your own website.

We Can Make You Sound Great.

We strive to make you sound as good as the “big boys” with a much smaller price tag.  The founder of Church Voice Guy has been a part of several church plants and knows how the budgets can stretch really tight.  We want to help you promote your church and your ministry by allowing you to bring audio productions that stand up to anything you may find on iTunes or other audio providers.

Very Affordable Packages

There are multiple packages that are very affordable.  Whether you just want someone to clean up your sermon audio each week and post it or you’re looking for someone to make you ready to take on the world of radio, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Tell Us How We Can Help You

Tell us how we can help you advance your ministry.  Together, we can help you take your efforts to a whole new level.